Simple Hacks For Keeping Shoelaces Tightly Tied

2023-04-11 23:41:08 By : Ms. Olivia Hua

Chris Notap, who previously noted a handy often-overlooked secret regarding French’s yellow mustard, shared simple but helful hacks that keep shoelaces tightly tied no matter how much one’s feet are put into use.

Have you noticed how fast your shoe laces loosen at times. Here’s the proper way to tighten and tie your shoe laces so they never come loose. This will work for tennis shoes, pickle ball shoes, hiking shoes, walking shoes, court shoes and many other sports shoes. Casual Walking Shoes

Simple Hacks For Keeping Shoelaces Tightly Tied

He first explains that looping the lace around in a counterclockwise manner after making a bow will continually loosen the knot but looping the lace clockwise will serve to continually strengthen it.

Take the left lace and go over and under the right lace and then instead of going around the bow counterclockwise, you’re going to go around it clockwise. This one simple change makes all the difference in the world. Look at what happens, it stays nice and tight so all you have to remember is instead of going around the bow counterclockwise, go around it clockwise. It’s that easy.

Notap then demonstrated how to use those seemingly extra holes at the top of many sport related shoes.

You’ll notice that most sport shoes have this extra hole at the top, so just take your shoelace and put it through the hole and leave a short loop. Do the same on the other side then cross them over and go through each of the loops. What this creates is a leverage system to get your laces nice and tight. So pull them outwards and then upwards and then again outwards and upwards.

He also suggested the “bunny-loop” method for really tight laces.

here are times when I REALLY don’t want my laces to come undone (for example, on a long hike when one of the laces’ loose ends gets snagged on something). To overcome this, I tie my laces just as you demonstrated, but then I take the 2 ears (loops) and tie a simple overhand knot with them. Now a simple tug on one of the loose ends won’t undo my laces so easily.

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Simple Hacks For Keeping Shoelaces Tightly Tied

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